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Recycling everything

Protecting the environment now and for the future

Waste oil recycling

Your waste oil is filtered at our purpose built depot and is then sent to be converted into bio fuel, a greener alternative to petroleum diesel that reduces carbon emissions by 78%. Everything, including cardboard and tins gets recycled.

Recycling waste oil for biofuelTin fragments ready for recyclingwaste cooking oil disposal

Recycling on a large scale

We send 5 million litres of waste oil every year to make bio diesel. When converted to biodiesel and used in cars this saves 12.5 tonnes of CO2. Our customers choose us because they can rely on our quality of services, and get to show their customers that they are committed to caring for the environment.

Using Bio fuel

Just to show you how committed we are to a future with renewable fuels, a growing number of Arrow Oils vehicles are run on bio diesel.

More about Biodiesel

Arrow Facts

200 vehicles

Collecting 200,000 litres per week Biodiesel fleet


Carbon offset (g) converted biodiesel since July 2010