domestic cooking oil recycling

Waste cooking oil containers

Don't pour oil down the drain - recycle

Arrow stock a range of containers for collecting waste cooking oil. The Ecohouse and Ecoworks range cover all sizes needed to separate and store your waste frying oil safely

36l eco works waste oil container eco house waste oil container

EcoWorks (36 litre)

Collection containers ideal for industrial canteens, restaurants and fish & chip shops etc. The containers feature a top filling point with removable filter and sealing cap. There is a pouring point with cap retainer and two handles.

EcoHouse (1, 2.2 or 5.5 litre)

Collection containers for households to separate used vegetable oil ready for collection


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why pour grease - when you can recycle

Do your bit

Go greener and save your frying oil from the drain. Collect your waste cooking oil and help the environment. The cooking oil can be processed and made into biofuel improving vehicle emissions.