commercial cooking oil handling

Commercial accessories

Making used oil handling safe and easy

Arrow not only collect your oil but make your kitchen a safer and easier place to work with its storage and spill cleanup accessories.


fatboxx oil disposal

Keep all your used oil safe and secure. Transport easily ready for collection.

  • lid seal
  • lockable top with easy release
  • wheels
  • volume measurement
  • hot oils up to 100 degrees

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oil bund and ramp

Oil Bunding and Ramp

Tile your flexible decking solution to create an oil handling workstation

  • tile them
  • move them easily
  • corrosion free
  • very robust
  • EC and UK Compliant Oil Storage

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oil spill kit

Oil spill kit (45L and 77L)

Oil spills are potentially dangerous, they need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The kit comes with everything you need.

  • Strong waterproof bag with detachable strap
  • Hooks on the back to hang on wall
  • Absorbs up to 45/77 litres (depending on kit size)

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oil spill bin

Oil spill bin (125L)

The oil spill bin separates spilt cooking oil, which may be contaminated after contact with the floor. More details on the Oil Spill Bin

  • 50 Pads
  • 5 x 8cm x 1.2m Socks
  • 2 x 8cm x 3m Socks
  • 2 Medium Cushions
  • 1 x Isol8
  • PPE
  • 4 Disposal Bags & Ties

oil spill magnet

Oil spill magnet (5Kg or 10Kg)

Soak up cooking oil spills with this fast absorbing powder granule that absorbs and retains in excess of 25 times its own weight. Suitable for all oil and chemical spills.(except Hydrofluoric acid and flouride compounds)


oil spill station

Oil spill station

Oil spills are potentially dangerous, they need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The station provides easy to reach clean up kit and roll.

  • Sturdy frame, easy to reach
  • Size 570 x 450 x 1890
  • Easy assembly - no tools required

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oil lockable bin

Oil lockable bin

The new Arrow 'lockable' bin is a highly successful method of locking your oil collection bins.

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oil spill kitchen safety

Kitchen spill safety

Slips and trips consistently account for around 1 in 3 nonfatal major injuries, and for 1 in 5 3day+ injuries in workplace areas throughout Great Britain (HSE statistics)

Spill safety training

For staff training in oil handling safety and spillage cleanup please contact Arrow