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Turning waste oil into fuel

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel. It can be produced from recovered vegetable oils and animal fats used in cooking. In the transport sector, it may be effectively used when blended with fossil diesel fuel.

Biodiesel presents a great recycling opportunity, its a greener alternative to petroleum diesel that reduces carbon emissions by 78%. The fuel can also be used to produce clean energy or lubricants.

Clean energy for a brighter future


Biodiesel is a renewable and sustainable resource and avoids using the planets dwindling resources.

It is virtually sulphur free.

Biodiesel is beneficial in environmentally sensitive applications, such as waterways, due to the biodegradable nature of the fuel and low emissions.

It is safer than mineral diesel due to its high flash point.

Customer tests show improvement in fuel efficiency delivering more miles per gallon and significant economic benefits.

Improved engine performance/higher cetane level.

Biodiesel can be easily blended with mineral diesel with no need to alter either the logistics of the fuel supply chain or calibrations of diesel engines.

Biodiesel’s natural lubricity reduces or eliminates the need for this additive and delivers smoother running and increased engine life.

Greenergy biodiesel conversion plant

Biodiesel conversion companies



Greenergy blend different fuel and biofuel components to manufacture and supply over 20 million litres of petrol and diesel every day. By blending their own petrol they are able to maintain both cost and quality control.


Harvest Energy

Harvest Energy the UK's largest independent blender and supplier of road fuels.


Note: Arrow Oils do not process biodiesel and we do not answer any technical questions on biodiesel