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Onsite Filtration Service

Arrow Edible Oil Management working with FiltaFryPlus

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We understand the pressure of running a fast paced kitchen so we work exclusively with FiltaFryPlus who have innovated a complete cooking oil and fryer care service. By filtering cooking oil onsite we can deliver optimum frying performance and cooking oil lifetime so you can deliver finest fried food.

Quite simply your food will be better

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The service has proven results in delivering higher quality frying, time and time again resulting in a refined taste and presentation of food without the contaminates

The Science

Double stage micro filtration

FiltaFryPlus uses a specially developed mobile micro-filtration system, the oil is removed from the fryer at cooking temperature and filtered to eliminate food particles and contaminants such as carbon.

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Save Money

Double the cooking oil life

Save on cooking oil change-overs as the oil will last longer. The cooking oil will maintain its optimal frying quality for longer. Deep fryers are expensive, caring for them will extend their life and your investment.

Arrow edible oil management working with FiltaFryPlus

Just 20 mins to filter and clean

The service cycle includes a scheduled visit from an oil filtration technician. They will come equipped with specially designed tools to extract the oil at frying temperature, apply a micro-filtering process

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All your health and safety requirements are covered. Your staff will receive expert advice on fryer management.

Your fresh oil can be “topped up” if required and any waste oil can be collected

Free Trial

We are so confident you will find this an essential service, we will supply a FREE trial*.

*limited time offer and subject to terms & conditions

Problems that can be avoided with cooking oil filtering and fryer hygene

  • high oil usage
  • poor food quality
  • disgusting fryers
  • hot oil accidents
  • slips falls and burns
  • insurance claims

FREE trial*